Pure Eri Silk Scarf V-001


Pure Eri silk scarf in very pale orange (accent 6)

Eri is probably the world’s rarest silk and is the only silk which can be drawn without killing the silk moth pupa making it totally ecologically friendly.

Almost all of the world’s silk comes from hand-reared silkworms (bombyx mori) which came from the wild bombyx mandanna. These silkworms only exist in captivity now and, in order to spin the silk thread from the cocoon, the cocoon is immersed in boiling water, killing the silkworm pupae. Eri silk comes from a wild silkworm, philosamia ricini, and is very rare. The thread for this silk is spun from the cocoons without damaging the grubs inside making it probably the only vegetarian silk in the world.

Hand spun, beautifully hand-woven using traditional techniques, each scarf takes over a month to make! This exquisite scarf is truly special, perfect for special occasions, as a gift or for a wall hanging.

Unlike machine-made textiles, the surfaces of loom-woven silk are not perfect, but instead show the beautiful characteristics and nubs of hand-woven and dyed silk. The scarf is presented in one of Sabai Silk’s hand-woven cotton envelopes.

  • Very pale orange (accent 6)
  • 100% Eri silk
  • Hand-made in Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Hand-spun silk thread
  • Hand-woven
  • Approx. 67” x 9”
  • Approx. 170cm x 22cm
  • Weight  85 gm
  • Price 2,095 Thai baht
  • Oversea Shipping GBP 49.95 sent by standard airmail, please ask for secure express mail price.


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Additional information


Approx. 67” x 9” or 170cm x 22cm


85 gm

Fabric Type

100% Eri silk

Made in


Oversea Shipping

GBP 37.95 sent by standard airmail, please ask for secure express mail price.


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