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Full Day Cooking & Visit

So, do you want to see a little piece of Thailand which most visitors never get to?

Jimmy does a very special day. First, you have a half day (morning) learning to cook three Thai dishes, which you then get to enjoy for your lunch.

Cooking, Reclining Buddha and Old Market.

After lunch you will go on to visit a delightful old market alongside a canal which was once a major route into olden Bangkok. This isn’t a market selling a few shoddy trinkets for tourists though, it’s still a thriving market for local people. Jimmy will explain many of the things you see on sale here: what they are, how they are used etc. She’ll also tell you about the many culinary delights you’ll see on sale and encourage you to try them.

However, before your visit to the market, you’ll get another fantastic treat. Most people have heard of the big reclining Buddha at Wat Po and believe it is the biggest reclining Buddha. Well, prepare to be amazed! Jimmy will take you to a bigger reclining Buddha than that one and you’ll be able to go inside the Buddha where you will see scenes from the life of Buddha, depictions of Buddhist hell and even the Buddha’s heart!

2,500 Baht for the day, minimum two people.

For more information on the market visit:

Half Day Cooking & Half Day Tour
from฿ 2,500/
Morning:  learning to cook 3 Thai dishes
Afternoon : old Bangkok tour
Minimum 2 people

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